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For sellers
1.Posting your products to our product list;
2.Posting chemical equipment to our equipment list;
3.Posting your company information to our supplers;
4.Posting selling leads;
5.Searching global buyers and buying leads
6.Inquirying and offering on line
7.Product listed preferential service, your product keywords will be listed preferentially to get unlimited commercial opportunities;
8.Product recommendation service, you product will be recommended to gain potential buyers attention visually;
9.Advertisement service, your product and brand name will be published in our webpage conspicuously to promote your products and your own brand name;
10.Membership service, you will get more high-class website function and perfect maketing service to gain more buyers attention and trust to upgrade your company image and win more trade chance.
For buyers
1.Posting buying leads
2.Searching products and contact suppliers by product list;
3.Searching equipments and contact suppliers by equipment list;
4.Searching company and contact them by supplier list;
5.Searching global sellers and selling leads;
6.Inquirying and offering on line;
7.Membership service, your posted buying leads will match relevant selling leads automatically
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